Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to Introduce an Ethnically Different Partner to Your Family

Introducing a serious boyfriend/girlfriend to your parents and other family members is nerve-racking on its own, but add a different race, religion, or culture into the mix and you’ve got a potential meltdown on your hands. If you and your partner are not properly prepared you’ll be walking into a potentially cold or even worse outright hostile and abusive situation. What then are some smart ways to go about making those introductions?


Monday, August 15, 2011

What Men Want From Women

What men want from women is simple once you know the secrets to understanding men. It will all become crystal clear to you.

It is popular belief that men are attracted to your physical appearance more than anything else. While being attractive and taking good care of yourself is important, it is not the most important, and it is not what men really want.

What do men want from women? It is your MIND. When a man falls in love with your mind, he is falling in love with who you truly are. This takes him deeper into who you are, and only then will he find your heart and fall in love with you.

How do you get a man to fall in love with your mind? You have to show it to him by being who you really are, so he can know your mind an think it's great. You have to share your opinions, thoughts, dreams and insights. The things you say must be genuine of who you are and how you feel. When you do this, the right man will be infatuated by your mind. You will become best friends, and he will want to spend his life with you.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to Read Body Language..How to Flirt With Body Language

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30 Things Guys Want Us to Know

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Attract and Keep a Good Man

Scenario: You're fantastic woman with high self-esteem and a lot to offer a man. Your friends and family constantly remind you of how great you are, and frequently assure you that someday you'll find "the one." But after several weeks, months or even years on the dating scene, you just can't seem to find a man who meets your standards. If you desire a long-term relationship that could lead to marriage, it's time to do some self-evaulation. Follow these steps on how to attract and keep a good man.


  • Make a list of your personal weaknesses. This is a difficult yet crucial first step. It's more natural for a beautiful, talented, successful woman celebrate her good traits. Challenge yourself by writing down the less desirable aspects of your personality, behavior, habits, etc. If you need help ask a good friend or ex-boyfriend. This will help you gain better perspective on how you should perceive the world and how potential mates are really perceiving you.
  • Take inventory on how these weaknesses have played a role in past disappointments. You'll probably be tempted to disagree with someone's opinion of you, but try to put yourself in that person's shoes and attempt to familiarize yourself with other people's realities.
  •  Upon meeting a potential mate, find out the so-called "deal breakers" up front. Deal breakers are defined as anything you absolutely cannot live with. In your initial conversation, you should ask his relationship status, job and living situation and whether he has children. Make no exceptions for what you know in your heart you cannot handle forever. He deserves a woman who is willing and able to be compatible with his lifestyle.
  •  When you are dating, leave a little mystery but do not play hard to get. Be mysterious by learning when to speak and how to listen. Don't ramble on inappropriately, as if your good looks will make up for diarrhea of the mouth. Focus on what the other person is saying, instead of what impression you are giving. This is not about celebrating your awesomeness. It's about getting to know whether this person is right for you.
  • Once a steady relationship is established, listen to your gut. Be aware of red flags or warning signs, but do not react solely on the insecurities of your own past experience. Make sure the problem doesn't stem from previous disappointments seeping back into your psyche.
  • Know when to move on if necessary. Don't waste time with a hopeless cause. And don't become a relationship martyr.  If he's unavailable, unpredictable or untrustworthy, move on. Period.
  • Find satisfaction in your relationship. Remain humble and thankful. Have mercy on your partner. Don't live in a world of ideals. Instead, live in a world of what is. Ask yourself, "Can I be happy with him as he is right this moment and not who I hope he will be in the future?" If the answer is yes, then you're good to go.

How to Write a Good Online Dating Profile

Your online personal ad is what makes most people decide whether to contact you or not. Getting right and your internet dating experience will most likely be a great and happy one. Get it wrong and it could be very frustrating. It is therefore important that you learn how to write a good online dating profile.


  1.   Know what you want: This may seem easy, but ask most people why they are in online dating they will only tell you "to find a date". Being more specific will not only help you find the right dating site for you, but also make your dating profile come alive. List down what you want from the type of relationship (short term, long term or marriage), age, gender, sexual orientation. Include also, things like whether you want (or have) children.
  2.   Create a list of must haves, good to have and no-nos. Must haves are things that you can't do without. These could be passions or hobbies as well as other interests. Remember the movie "Must Love Dogs"? The title is based on a must have that was posted on a popular dating site. Good to have means just that; things your potential mate might have that you like, but could do without. The no-nos are things you can't stand or will not tolerate.
  3.   Make a list of things that make you... well, you. What makes you unique? This will help create more "fodder" for your dating profile.
  4.   Brainstorm a catchy screen name: Your screen name, also known as your handle, should be concise and easy to remember. Don't be just another "Sexygirl26" or "workingstud35". Make it meaningful. Let it say something unique about you. Try including things you like to do, what you looking for, or some activity you participate in.
  5.   Post a good photograph: The first thing that people see in your dating profile is your photo. Profiles with photographs get many more responses than those that don't. The picture should show the best of you without being pretentious. It also should show you as you look like today. And by all means, smile.
  6.   Start with a good, attention-grabbing headline: Most dating sites usually provide a box for a 100 character (typically) headline. This is perhaps the second most important aspect of your online dating profile, after your picture. It is what makes prospects decide whether or not to read the rest of your profile. Treat this the same way as your screen name. It should be meaningful and give a hint of who you are or what you want (of course, without revealing too much personal information). You could study headlines that attract your attention in your chosen dating site(s) and emulate these without directly copying them.
  7.   Be positive: The saying that "misery loves company" does not apply here. Be positive about yourself and others. Avoid saying things like "no losers please".
  8.   Be honest: If you lie, it will catch up with you somewhere down the road. You want someone who will accept you for who you are, not who you wish you were.
  9.   Start writing your profile based on your notes. Most people make the mistake of writing their profile right there on the dating site. Don't do this. Draft it on a separate piece of paper or on your favorite word processing program (such as Word, Word Perfect, Word Pad etc.). Write as fast as you can without hurrying. The objective here is to get your words down. Don't pay attention to spelling or grammar at this stage. And do write like you speak. Imagine your ideal "date" seating right there in front of you, and tell her/him what you want and why you are the best choice for her/him.
  10.   Polish: Save your profile for at least a day, and then come back and edit. Correct any grammatical and spelling errors. You can add anything you think might make the profile better or remove anything that seems needless.
  11.   Post it: Now all you have to do is post your online dating profile. You may need to edit it farther to fit a particular dating site, but the hard work is already done.

Friday, March 12, 2010

How Can You Tell if a Guy is Interested in You?

What exactly are the signs that a guy is interested? I mean, guys frequently give off mixed signals which can be confusing. Possibly you noticed him as you were standing and chatting with a girlfriend. It appeared that he saw you, but maybe it was simply wishful thinking on your part. He checked out you at about the same time you saw him. You had eye contact briefly after which you suddenly glanced away. Was he watching you as you mingled?

Here's several signs that you may look for to determine if he is interested or not:

If he tells a mutual acquaintance that he really wants to know more about you, or he asks others who you are. He's trying to play like he's "just asking" but his questions imply much more than a casual curiosity. Plus at what time he tells someone that he finds you good-looking, he probably is aware that it will get back to you. He is hopeful it does.